Easy Moving Tips & Tricks

While moving in Washington DC, it’s highly recommended to take professional help from Movers 95 and let our experts suggest some easy moving & packing tips to make a relaxing move. We recommend following this checklist including expert moving tips & packing tips, especially if you really want to have more pleasant experiences.
Tips for 2 Weeks before Moving
  • First of all, you need to start planning your trip to new destination. It’s suggested to make some arrangements for your travel accommodations and if you want to drive on your own, consider servicing your car beforehand.
  • It’s better to discontinue regular services like lawn, newspaper and trash pickup services prior.
  • You should give back all borrowed things and collect things that you’ve loaned before.
  • Consider disposing flammables like matches, gasoline, cleaning fluids, bleach, aerosol or pressurized cans and ammunition.
  • Plan servicing your appliances at your current home and new home. Movers 95 will help you happily with arranging these services.
  • Are you planning to move your TV antenna? If yes, you need to make arrangements to take it down. Our movers will help you with arrange these services.
  • If you want to ship an automobile, you should have the gasoline tank less than halfway full and ensure that there’s sufficient amount of antifreeze and oil.
Tips for 1 Week before Moving
  • Make payments to your Movers95 driver at the destination, unless your relocation is to be payable to your employer or has credit approval previously. Cash payment, certification checking or money order is needed before unloading.
  • Prepare a list of items that you want to take with you. Consider packing these items and keep them in a designated area. We will happy to help you with packing. No matter what our moving & packing tips will help you for sure.
  • Make arrangements of right packing items like tape and boxes.
  • Clean up rugs and draperies and keep them in protective bags.
  • You need to drain the fuel from lawnmowers and other power equipment.
  • Discontinue your local telephone service, if there’s any. Take help from your local telephone company to help you establish a new phone connection at your new home.
  • Use all your frozen food; give them to your neighbors or to a food bank.
Moving Tips for 1 Day before Moving
  • Take a box and fill it with things you’ll need as soon as you reach your new home. These things may include disposable plates and cups, snacks, illumination tools, trash bags, bathroom accessories, and non-aerosol cleaning supplies.
  • Bring this box along with you or ask the driver to load it last and unload it first.
  • Make sure all the packing is done before you sign for them.
Tips for Moving out Day
  • Make yourself available upon the arrival of your driver and also throughout the loading process. If you won’t be present there, ask someone else to be there and direct the movers. Let the driver know the name and contact details of that specific person.
  • Accompany your driver during the inventory process. Check the condition of your possessions before loading.
  • Take one last time tour of your home and make sure no items are left behind.
  • Sign the lading bill and check whether your new address and contact number are right.
Tips for Moving in Day
  • Reach your home a day prior to time, if possible to ensure that all utilities are properly connected and plan the placement of important items in your new home.
  • Be prepared to make cash payment to your driver, traveler’s check, certified check or money order before unloading

  • Contact Movers 95 today, if you want to know expert moving tips and packing tips beforehand!