Great Movers, the guys busted their butts carrying all my stuff up, and I was very grateful for their hard work. They set everything up for me including my bed, and the guy in operations made them give me the phone to talk to them to make sure I was happy before he let them go home. To anyone reading this, I hope this review helps you and if you are moving within NJ or long distance, I would highly recommend Movers 95 - my experiences with them have been nothing but positive.

- Marry Cohen, MD 06/12/2015

Professional, courteous, honest, and they took the time to handle our items with care. We were very grateful to be in such good hands. They wrapped the furniture and pictures/mirrors with great speed but great care. no nicks scratches breaks or water damage, nothing missing. they were friendly and courteous but business like, brought all goods into the house and put them down where I asked them to. All in all I was completely satisfied and would recommend Movers 95 without reservation. If anybody asks me for a recommendation for a good local mover, I would not hesitate to recommend.

- Ford MYERS, Md 06/01/2015

They picked up the piece and delivered it without a scratch. I am certainly going to save their card for next time they delivered exactly as outlined on time and on budget. Movers were professional, courteous, clean and very hard working. Can't believe what a long day they work with hardly a break. Back breaking labor and they do it all with a smile. They did an excellent job for an excellent price and got it finished in half a day. We were very pleased with their service and will definitely recommend this moving company to anyone.

- Kerry Sullivan, Dc 05/23/2015

We were lucky to have found Movers95, We had several pieces that had to be moved to different locations after we sold them. Movers95 delivered them all for a great price with not damage whatsoever. We will definitely be using that again as antique movers. They gave us the best refs so we chose them, It was definitely the right choice. We were very happy with them and will recommend them to anyone who needs cheap movers that are reliable.

- Barton ROBERSON, Washington DC 05/20/2015

This move was hard for her but this family could not have made her feel more at ease. They were kind, caring and considerate- treating my daughter's furniture like it was their own. I cannot recommend this company enough. Their quote was reasonable and right on the money. If you need great long distance movers this company is the one to hire.

- Mullines RAMSEY, DC 05/15/2015

They came on time , There were no issues with the actual move, They packed up the stuff very quickly and overall the services were good, and there was no damage. The estimate was 3 hours, and it took about 2 hours for a price of about $250. I would definitely hire them again. A quick move They were very, very careful and very professional.

- FRAZIER Larisa. MD 05/10/2015

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and great rate we have provided, it was really a thoughtful feedback. I am humbly honored that you have entrusted us your belongings and furniture. It's our goal to treat your belongings with great care because nothing makes us happier than knowing that our clients are happy with the service we have provided.

- Shira ARMSTRONG, MD 05/02/2015

Our move was only across town, but it was a true feat of human strength! We had heavy and awkward wood working tools to be taken down stairs. Our movers were fast and careful. They worked for 12 hours with only a short lunch break and you couldn't tell that they were even slightly tired until the very end. They moved our big refrigerator so carefully. No scratches on our new wood floors! They sang and joked throughout the day. It was truly a pleasure. We are thankful for their excellent work.

- Dunn HAWKINS New York, NY 04/22/2015

The staff and the actual moving crew were both very nice and friendly. They helped me in every way they could before and after the move. The day of the move the crew moved everything in a quick and nice manner being careful to not damage anything. They moved all my furniture into my new home perfectly. Thank yous o much Movers 95 for a perfect Move!!!

- Bendy MORALES, DC 04/20/2015

I had an excellent experience with the Movers95 out of md. They were professional, efficient, and very capable, and they guaranteed 15% less than my lowest competitor quote, which was excellent customer service! I highly recommend them!

- PORTER lorr Washington Dc 04/15/2015

I moved from Virginia to NW about 2 weeks ago. I contracted Movers 95 after they provided the lowest all inclusive hourly rate. I didn't want any surprises or some materials bill that was 15 times my estimate, so I went with them because they clearly stated that all materials were included in the $99 per hour. The move was sooooo easy. I will never move myself again. I did my clothes ahead of time but the movers packed everything else for me. The rate per hour did not change, but I did use 1 1/2 hours extra - but that's alright. The extra time was worth it, as not one of my pieces of furniture was damaged and all my items were packed for me. So worth it. Good job Movers 95! I will be sending friends your way!

- Corbin

My move was done by Movers 95. I was pleasantly surprised by all aspects of my relocation. The customer service/reservation rep was extremely knowledgeable and prepared. She didn't pressure me or call 8 times a day so I was way more inclined to use her company (Movers 95). I scheduled the move (no deposit was requested) and the movers arrived on time. The 3 man crew was very helpful. They reviewed everything with me before actually moving the furniture. Aka - no surprises. The cost was what was quoted - and moving blankets were included. I did purchase a wardrobe box - and that really fit all my extras. The items were stored for 6 days for free and then delivered. I just opened my last box and there was no damage. Very good movers - prepared and polite.

- Liz Weir

I was recently offered an outstanding position in New York - thus I needed to move fast. I was not so concerned with arrival time but really with getting the items out of my old apartment in the District. Movers 95 contacted me with a quote (1 of 50 different movers who called). My rep was very nice and informed me of the price. They were able to pick up the items exactly when I wanted - that and the price made up my mind. The movers packed my items very well - I wasn't as prepared as I would have liked to be so thank goodness they brought materials. I received the items after 8 days (1 day after my new lease began). Everything was very well handled. Professional and efficient.

- Dhaved Bestone

I used Movers 95 recently and was pleasantly surprised. I am glad I didn't listen to the fake review I saw on this site (they are just copied and pasted by some vengeful person, I mean come on, Eastern European Crime Syndicate? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, they have a DOT Number and a Motor Carrier Number). But more to the point, I moved from coast to coast and everything went really well! I got the Full Service Packing option which included all the materials and since I gave them a list ahead of time nothing changed on the move day. The items got there in 13 days and everything is in perfect shape! I wish I had reserved with them sooner and saved myself the hassle of dealing with all these phone calls. Movers 95 is the best of the best. Highly recommended!

- Kayla Wilkes

I would use Movers 95 all over again. They did a great job - all packing included, no hidden charges. This was all I wanted - and they did just that. I hear alot of negative stories about moving but it seems to me these people didn't use Movers 95. Or maybe they decided to fib about what they needed - but thanks to my utter honesty, the rep advised me to go with packing services. How right - how right. It was great. No pain - just relocation. Thanks guys! Wish you were everywhere in case I need you again!

- Julia "Cizzy" Colton

Good moving company. They were about 25 minutes late, but they let me know of the delay, which I can appreciate. Moved my furniture very carefully and took care to keep my floor clean as well. Also much appreciated. The movers communicated details very well before we started moving furniture. I enjoyed speaking with the people in their reservations department and will use this company again for my next move. Thank you.

- Ruth Ann Slattery
For additional customer reviews, please see our References page.