Washington DC Moving Storage

Rates and Information

Movers 95 provides the best quality storage solutions in Washington, DC and metro areas like Virginia, Maryland and other surrounding areas. We offer safe and secure short-term/long-term storage in Washington, DC for residential and commercial clients. Our aim is to make your relocation hassle free and convenient by providing the best storage solutions. We have climate-controlled and secure storage facilities to keep your valuable goods or items in an immaculate condition. As one of the best moving and storage service providers in DC and metro areas, Movers 95 offers reliable and affordable Washington DC moving and storage solutions.

Unit Sq. ft. Cu. ft. Pounds Residence Rates
5' x 5' 25 225 1250 Sm. Walk-in Closet $79.00 month
5' x 10' 50 450 2500 Lg. Walk-in Closet $129.00 month
10' x 10' 100 800 5040 1 Br. Apt. $189.00 month
10' x 15' 150 1350 7560 2 Br. Apt. $249.00 month
10' x 20' 200 1800 10000 3 Br. House $289.00 month
10' x 25 ' 250 2250 13000 3.5 Br. House $349.00 month
10' x 30' 300 2700 15120 4 Br. House $389.00 month

*The above table may be used for estimating a customers’ storage space requirement. This is a general guide and is based on the assumption that the unit is packed by professional movers. The amount that each unit holds depends directly on the type and quantity of goods to be stored and the manner in which they are packed and stacked in the unit.

Safe Storage Washington DC:

Our Washington DC storage units or facilities are well equipped with all safety features and amenities to store your belongings in a safe condition. We have the best security measures like security cameras, alarms, and control room to guard your storage unit day and night. Our authorized store manager has only access to the storage facilities to ensure an optimal level of security.

Residential Washington DC Moving Storage:

Movers 95 offers economical Washington DC moving and storage solutions for the homeowners at a reasonable price. As a full-service storage company, we can efficiently handle your entire transition to storage in a comfortable and convenient way. Our Washington DC moving and storage services for residential clients include packing, loading and transferring your items to one of the state-of-the-art storage facilities.

Washington DC Commercial Moving and Storage:

Rely on Movers 95 to get fast, easy and professional Washington DC moving and storage service for your commercial relocation! We are always on the move to handle and successfully fulfill your commercial storage needs that make you stress-free. Our storage units or facilities are well-equipped and well-maintained to store your items or goods in a safe condition.

Short and Long Term Storage Washington DC:

Movers 95 provides both short and long term storage facilities that are well-maintained, clean, climate controlled and secure. Our safe and clean storage facilities or units are a great solution for making your home or business move in Washington, DC and metro areas smooth and stress-free. Unlike the traditional way of stuffing your belongings in a bin, we inventory, pad and tag your belongings to keep them in separate containers. Our storage facilities in Washington, DC offers maximum protection for your valuables.

Washington DC Moving Storage for Students:

We provide perfect storage solutions for students in DC, Maryland, and Virginia at an affordable price. Our flexible storage spaces are designed specially to accommodate the storage needs of students. Movers 95 provides Basic Student Storage plan and Flex Student Storage Plan that can be suitably personalized as per the requirement and storage needs.

Our High-Quality Storage Includes:
  • Top Quality Inventory: We keep the details of all the items (stored in the storage facility) in a secured computer system. For your convenience, we provide a copy of the inventory list after the move.
  • Government Security: Movers 95 is a GSA (General Service Administration) approved US Government contractor.
  • Safety and Fire Protection: Our storage facilities or warehouse includes the latest security technologies to provide the highest level of security for all stored goods.
  • Alarm: Our storage facilities or warehouse is monitored 24 hours per day to ensure safety and protection of your goods.
  • Access: Do not worry! Our system is personalized for employee only. Our storage facility is not public and inaccessible for individual customers.